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Our lovely Ibiza-dwelling chart editor Angelique aka DJ Angelfreq reports to us once again from the incredible Iberian island off the coast of Spain...

Space opening really kicks off the summer in Ibiza, and We Love... Ibiza mixed by Riton and Serge Santiago released on Ministry of Sound is a really great sound track for it. If you want to close your eyes for a moment, turn up the volume and imagine you are on the magical island of Ibiza, this CD encapsulates a thumping dance floor filled with the energy that only Ibiza party people can bring. The CD has feel good dance music, as well as the odd We Love classic! Some of my favorite producers and re-mixers, such as Oliver Giacomotto Claude VonStroke, Booka Shade, Eddie Thoneick, Steve Angello, Deadmau5 all contribute, and serves up as a good reminder of where we are at on the electronic musical journey at this time.

Unfortunately I didn't get to go to the opening of Space because I had to go to Italy to sing. But I heard the usual, it was crowded and the music was great! See for more...

When I came back, I had a gig at Empire (Guarana, Priviledge), which was really fun and crowded! Decadent Alistair's thematic touches and dandily glad toga girl dancers enhanced the ambiance. I played until about 3am, then knocked off for the opening party of Underground which wasn't too far to check out, and make it back to play again. Empire normally went until about 7am! I had a really good time at Underground, especially because Nic Frye, one of the owners, is such a great and gracious host. We had a drink together and I also had a chance to catch up with one of my favorite Ibiza year rounders. She's a celebrity so I won't mention her name. I hadn't seen her since last summer. She's an amazing singer and personality. She's one of those people who possess their own unique beauty and style. We caught up a bit, and caught me by surprise when she wanted to introduce me to her new "really cute" boyfriend. Who was really cute, but normally, she is with amazingly attractive girls!

I went off to the DJ booth to say hello. I found Juanito, resident DJ and brother of Jesus, who are the partners with Nic on the decks. It was crowded and full of faces I knew. I think Underground is one of the best places to hear cutting edge music in Ibiza. As the name indicates, they stay well off the beaten path. And support a lot talent that actually live's on the island. I saw Justin Fields one of my favorite DJ's, the other resident of Underground, (Who also happened to just do a remix of one of my tracks!!) Thomas Hedberg, and Jaime Florito, other local talent on the island in the booth as well. I figured they had, or would be playing.

When I finally got back to Guarana, it was still going off and packed! Well, I think I crawled into bed sometime around 8am, another all nighter under my belt.

Then came the Ibiza drama when it was announced in the paper that DC10, Bora Bora, and Amnesia would be shut! It seemed like a dark cloud had come to settle over the island. A new regime was in place, and the whip was going to be cracked. Drugs were not going to be tolerated and the police force had even brought in reinforcements. During the spring the police had started to practice their mandatory Breathalyzer test, and several of my friends had a souvenir to prove it. The police gave you the plastic piece that you breath into the apparatus with if you passed. If you didn't? Your license automatically gets suspended for 8-12 months no if, ands or buts!

While a lot of people panicked understandably, I kept myself busy with work. I had meetings with promoters, labels and clubs. I was lucky enough to be playing the one club that seemed to be the heavy hitter this Summer: Privilege. Their line-up was proving to be hard to compete with for the techno, and the electronic sound everyone seemed to be craving. Monza debuting, Salvacion and Empire, Meganite on Wednesday, and Manumission mondays there again. (Visit for details)

Suddenly it was Saturday, and Susie Hair's birthday party at Estanol Beach. Susie is the biggest hair and make up wizard on the island! She is not only one of my closest friends on the island, but also the first girl on the island to become my friend. I treasure her, she is a special and unique one!

It was a beautiful day and a really nice gathering. It went till about midnight, and then we all decided to go to a fashion show at Es Vive Hotel. Hed Kandi use to do there pool parties there, but this was a party to launch a new fashion line by some designers and the CD release of the Es Vive Hotel 2007 CD compiled and mixed by Mark Doyle of previous Hed Kandi notoriety. It was released by his new label, Fierce Angels.
They say house and vocals are back and I think with the last couple of tracks on this CD, not forgetting to get the ever trendy electro house sound in, Mr. Doyle has tried to touch on a bit of every flavour. Unfortunately, it's not particularly my favorite flavors. But, I suppose it could always grow on me, which sometimes happens. But I know that for people who do like their house music sugar coated, they will find this compilation pleasant to their palette! It's a great Es Vive Hotel souvenir.

In keeping to the Angel theme if you haven't heard of the Ibiza Angels then you probably haven't been to Ibiza in the past couple of years, Because relatively new to the party scene is a company launched here called Ibiza Angels (, and it's a team of professional party-looking-style male and female masseurs available to rub those tired from all the partying backs.

After that we were hungry again. I remembered a friend of mine had just opened a new restaurant, and I hadn't been yet. So I suggested we try it. It's called PK2, in Marina Botafoch behind Keepers, across from El Divino. I was really proud of my friend because the food is superb! I mean like seriously some of the best food on the island! I loved the bar in one room and the dining room in the next, with the DJ booth straddling the middle.

After our midnight snack, it was off to San Antonio for the Secret Silent Saturday Party. The Silent parties were getting quite popular! Everyone wears headphones! When you walk into the party it was only people talking and dancing to silence! A lot of fun for something alternative! It's only their second season in Ibiza and because of all the party crackdowns, I think we will see more and more of these parties which make it impossible for anyone to complain about music!! Not only do the listeners have an option of three DJ's, the neighbors have an option of none! The DJ's each have a light, red, green or blue, designated to them, and you can watch the dance floor and see which DJ is getting the most airwaves! It's original and probably something we are going to see more and more of as Big Brother wants to shut the party down!

Well, here it is already July, and I went to the opening of Monza last week, which was a highlight, played my first Moon Rise on this beautiful beach in Es Canar where there is the Hippy Market, and Namaste up the road in Las Dalias, and next week Saturday I am playing at Priviledge for the grand opening of Empire!!

Peace, love and beats from the white island….

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