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Balance 012 mixed & compiled by Lee Burridge is out now It is a sublime 3xCD collection of house rhythms, techno beats and subtle melodies, culminating in a deep, beautiful, dark, trippy and wobbly soundtrack. Featuring a wide array of cutting edge artists including Martin Buttrich, Jose Padilla, Dennis Ferrer, H-Man, Paul Daley, Alexi Delano, Efdemin, Gabriel Ananda and more.

interview by Jennifer Warner

Lee Burridge’s parties breed a special, dedicated following with annual parties scattered throughout the calendar year, and around the world. From his annual Love Lee party in San Francisco (which serves as the unofficial kick-off to the LoveFest festivities) to his annual Made Event Halloween Bash in NYC, to NYE in Romania, Made at WMC in Miami, or Burning Man in the California desert, Lee celebrates two decades of a stellar musical career, and a love of all things DJ. Lee is a globally acclaimed DJ who regularly appears in DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJ list, and has rocked iconic festivals like Exit, Creamfields, Love Parade, Dance Valley, Ultra, Acafest and Coachella. He is an integral part of London’s Fabric, which is arguably one of the most pioneering clubs in the world. With compilations on Global Underground and This Is Everybody!? already under his belt, Lee’s affinity with studios and machines have spawned his very own label, Almost Anonymous.

We caught him via email to talk to him about his life, loves, and his latest mix CD release, ‘Balance 012’. INTERVIEW

As I sit here on my couch typing these questions, I wonder where you©ˆll be and what you were just doing before you started answering them?

Living the life of a super star. I was folding woman's underwear which I had just retrieved from the tumble drier and was also making juice. Obviously I had just left the arms of four super models who are currently keeping my bed warm until I return to them with their dry under garments.

What's the best part about doing an email (instead of phone or in person) interview?

Not getting brain tumours from holding the cell phone next to my head for hours on end and having time to concoct devious and ingenious answers to confound and confuddle the likes of you (by the way, 'confuddle' is a made up word).

And the downside?

One fingered typing means I will be here for the next ten hours writing this.

I've got a costume party to go to tonight... if you had to dress up for a party in costume, what kind of costume might you wear?

I was thinking of [The Simpsons] Mr Burns seeing as I have the body and liver spots for it.

Have you ever gone trick or treating?

I'd love to but have a restraining order that keeps me away from most of the houses on our street currently.

What if any other kinds of tricks or things do you do that help you in your career?

A magician never reveals his tricks.

You've done quite a few mix CDs, what is different about Balance 12?

It allowed me to really stretch my legs as I had three discs to represent myself over. I always enjoy playing longer sets in clubs and to express the range of music I play and get an interesting flow going over two discs always felt a little limiting. I really do think this is the best thing I've done since Craig Richards and I mixed the Tyrant comps and I am really happy with Balance.

Where did you get the tracks you used on this mix?

At first I attempted to get record labels I like to send me upfront music. It seems these days everyone is paranoid about tracks leaking out onto the internet before they are released so I gave up on that idea and turned to the tried and tested avenue of using my favourite record shops. This also proved a little frustrating as the time of year I was compiling is notorious for being slow release wise. Good job I buy lots of records as I then went home and trawled through my record box and collection and found most of the tracks there.

Let's do some one word associations with some of the artists you featured on the CD? Ready?? Go!!

Martin Buttrich: Kinky Dog

Jose Padilla: Sunsets and leprocorns

Dennis Ferrer: Visible panty Line

H-Man: The man who sells H

Paul Daley: God

Alexi Delano: Winner of the shotput in the 1908 Olympics

Efdemin: An additive in Baked beans

Gabriel Ananda: Two odd socks

How long did it take you from start to finished mix?

Just over two months. I put a lot of work into this mix.

What kind of hardware and software setup did you use to record it?

Two Technics 1200 turntables. Two Pioneer CDj 1000's. An Allen and Heath V6 mixer and Ableton to edit tracks so they would all fit together neatly when mixed on the equipment and add in a few last minute layers!

What are some things you've done lately, outside of music?

I went snowboarding earlier in the year and also visited Egypt and Jordan to go see ancient things such as Petra. I went out into the desert there called Wadi Rum with the Bedouins which was amazing.

Anything else you'd like to say?

This is for all those DJ's who download and share music for free. Have some love for your scene. I know you want unreleased and upfront music (which is fine) but when the track eventually comes out, buy it. If you keep taking and not putting back eventually there will be nothing left. Labels and producers need to earn money to keep on making and releasing great music. Support your own scene. It's important.

Thank you!!!!!

Balance 12 (3xCD) mixed & compiled by Lee Burridge on EQ Recordings is out now, and you can probably c atch Lee Burridge on tour in a city near you! Tour dates are posted on his myspace...

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