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You know when you read or hear "they need no introduction" well Lil Devious take that to the next level, with just their music and interviews, sans intros, proliferating on the web. We're here to change all that. Not only do we have a lovely intro here for the below syndicated interview for you (interview thanks to Kim Smith of we dug up out of our secret archives, their old biography, and tacked it on to the end for you. So now you know... and they need no more of an introduction, so without further ado I give you... Lil Devious!!

Tell us about your new single ‘You control me’ – it’s your first outing on Gung-Ho! isn’t it?

((MARK)) Yes this is our first release with GUNG-HO! records, with our new release, we've been working on this specific sound for a while, its a kind of New romantic / nu-wave electronica house record, but its real bass and guitars with more of a ''BAND'' feel to it.

((GARY)) We're drawing on a lot more of our non-house influences....our love for all music.... what we used to listen to when we were growing up and so on.

What made you want to go with Gung-Ho!?

Its funny how it came together really, but a mate of ours Richard Murray (Housexy @ M.O.S resident) called to congratulate us on a track of ours which was doing the rounds. We told him that there was a new track we'd like to send him, but to have an open mind as it was a bit different. When he heard it, he asked if we didn’t mind whether he gave it to GUNG-HO! to check out. After about an hour Matt (Gung-Ho! boss) got in touch with his irresistible enthusiasm for the track. We've seen people get excited about music before but this was a real love for the track. It seemed like the right move, that and the fact he paid a bloody fortune for it!!! Only joking!

The video looks fun, what’s the story behind that?

The video was on the cards from the start, we all had our own ideas, it was loosely based on how Rich (Murray) and Matt (Gung-Ho!) became pals, I mean it happened JUST like it did at the start of the video, We DONT MEAN Rich hypnotized Matt from his bedroom with his voodoo remote control and had is ugly way with him (we, hope he didn't!). He met Matt when he answered an add to sell his TV!!! We loved the story and we added the, the bed, the streets and the eyeliner in afterwards.

Is Lil*Devious very much a full time job? What are your plans for 2008?

Lil* Devious is a full time job yeah, were both working on an album for 2008, its the first time in 15 years we've had the ability time and patience to sit down in our studio's to work on specific ideas. Its much easier having two set ups where we can both work, where as we both used to meet up at a certain time each week and almost TRY to be creative, that’s NOT an easy thing to do, although its the way we've done it for so long, the way we do it now is much more enjoyable.

Mark – this is your vocal debut was it nerve wracking to do?

Yes!, its a weird way it turned out as the original vocal you hear is the first and only version we recorded, it was supposed to be a guide vocal, so we could send it to various singers, but as we started to mix it into the track, Gary looked at me and I thought OH NO!!... I ACTUALLY LIKE THIS VOCAL, he said it too at exactly the same time!!! We do that quite often, there’s a real similarity in the way we both think about the material were working on, comes with working together for so long probably, like all the greats, Lennon & McCartney, Torville & Dean, Rod Hull & Emu. There’s more tracks with my vocals on so it seems I've gained a new job as front man - sex god - tea maker.

((GARY)) I'm still the boffin and occasional triangle soloist........I know my place.

Tell us about your other ventures…

Us & Jay Forrester (Groove Invaderz) are currently setting up a record label for the release our more "housier/techier" material under different guises probably -Mark re-starts a RADIO show in the coming weeks too that he had during July & September, on Citybeat - its a small station but with some good people. It's streamed around the world and seems to have a decent sized listener base. All that and were going to start DJ'ing again too. We took ourselves out the game for a while, we kind of felt we'd had enough, but now the tunes are getting more on our level again and we feel there's music worth playing again. Keep your eyes peeled for forthcoming dates.

You can watch the video to ‘You Control Me’ at

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‘You Control me’ is out now on Gung-Ho!

:::::: OFFFICIAL OLD BIO :::::

Lil' DEVIOUS are no strangers to club land, having produced material spanning the last ten years for labels such as BMG, Records Of Interest, Oxyd, Ministry and Southern Fried to name but a few. They've appeared with fresh live sets with singers David, Hazel and the MC Raul (Bhangra Knights) at the biggest clubs from Ministry to Cream.

Lil' Devious are Mark Baker and Gary Little, they reside in the far northeast of England in the small town of Carlisle. This generally surprises most press who presume from their sound that they come from the very heart of the French house scene or bounding straight from stateside. DJ magazine refer to their past material as "sounding Franglais", er .. that's French/English to you and I! Their influences come from as far afield as David Sylvian, Japan, Gap Mangione, Pat Metheney, George Duke, Zapp, Eric B & Rakim, through to Punk and New Wave.

DJ Sneak y'all: Support has been incredible for Mark and Gary, they have harnessed great relationships with the cream of the world's house DJ's. Early support many years ago came from Roger Sanchez, DJ Sneak "I've been following these guy's s**t for a long time now!" and Other DJ's who've lent their support are Graeme Park ("Lil Devious are superb"), Norman Cook, Groove Armada & Timo Maas -"I really like your style!!...Mark says - mind you he was pissed, we were pissed and all in a TAXI at the time!!!" he adds "It's the only thing that's kept us going really, the fact that the DJ's we respect actually play our records, what greater motivation is there? (Above - DJ Sneak)

Things took off for Lil Devious in the summer of 2001 when "Come Home" was huge on the underground that year. Ministry picked up the single, made a cool video shot in Miami and took the guys cool 'Franglais' sound to a bigger audience charting in the UK Top 40.

2003 the Lil Devious crew retreated back to their roots, releasing material on Lowered Recordings, a label which can only be described as "difficult to pigeon hole". Past masters include the Lil Devious 02 EP which features the 80's disco monster "So Good" and the incredibly diverse "I Can't Wait!" a mad punk houser with attitude. Not forgetting the Deep Parisian flavoured "Give Me".

Lowered LogoMore recently though they have released "Bounce" on Lowered, which features the vocals of MC Raul (The Bhangra Knights). A tuff house production signed to Airplane Records, Italy and remixes from Tommy Vee. Currently being championed by a lot of DJ's worldwide, described by K-Klass as "typically Lil devious, fresh and funky and doing their own thing to devastating effect".

Show Me Your Monkey!Not content with shakin it up under the Lil Devious name, they'd decided to enter a new arena with a phatter, techier edge. Percy Filth was the name and had been snapped up by Southern Fried records, Norman Cook's label (home of Mighty Dub Kats, Chamonix and Andrea Doria. The first track was called "Show Me Your Monkey!" and was being supported by Lil Devious virgins or those who've previously not dropped their tracks, DJ's such as Fergie and Seb Fontaine, Colin Murray & Sarah Cox of Radio 1. This record has the ultimate cross-over quirk factor needed to gain them extra attention.

Oi Oi!!!!The Hinges were the next slice of action they were to challenge - PUNK! Creating the energy from the 70's and 80's early new wave and punk bands that the guys used to listen to so much was going to be tricky, blending these elements to their funky house production, yet they cracked it with ease, the outcome was 'Today', sounding as if it had been recorded in a town hall, late 70's with a small yet loyal following creating the crowd...the result - genuine fucked up attitude, "...if you listen to the track, all we wanted was bass, beats and a guitar, we dropped a sitar in there though, just to mess with the sound a little!" (Mark & Gary DVS)

Back to Lil Devious, currently in the studio working on new material, some want the elusive long player for 2005, but the guys will jus keep droppin out the bombs and if an album is what challenges them, then an album is what we'll get.

As well as the house sound that has helped carve the 'Devious' name into the cool bracket, they are working on thier own brand of R&B and taking in the hip-hop side of things that they love but have not yet unleashed. As Junior Sanchez once said to the Boys.... "jus keep on tracking!"

Peace y'all

©Copyright - Lil' Devious

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