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Rising over Eastern Europe, the sun that is "DJane" Elite has been illuminating the Czech Republic for the past 5 years. Her glow comes from her amazing charismatic presence behind the decks, as well as her "multiplex" sets where she mixes House, Electro, Minimal and Progressive House. At the moment she showcases her talent as a resident DJ in the best clubs of Czechia, the Roxy and Duplex in Praha. Last year her career reached the first zenith with performances at Creamfields, Time Warp, together with Tiesto at the T-Mobile Arena and at the concert of Paul van Dyk in Praha. She's regularly tours in countries like Italy, France, Bahrain, Poland, Slovenia, Cyprus, Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco, Colombia, Germany, and will be playing at the Love Parade 2008. If you're in any of those countries look out for the name Elite, and if you're anywhere else, hopefully she'll be coming your way soon! For now you can listen and download two of her mixes - great for listening while you read our interview!

Two MP3 DJ-Mixes from Elite for download here:

And now for our interview...

JW: Where are you right now, and was is it like around you?

DJane Elite : At the moment I'm sitting my small flat in Prague. On my right-hand side we've got a small recoding studio and on the left a wall of mine and my boyfriend's records.

What have you been doing all day today?

I'll finish writing this interview then have a look what's new on Beatport as I do every Monday. Around midday I've got a lunch with a promoter and we're going to be discussing a possible residency for me at his club here in Czech Republic. Later on I'll go for a swim and a sauna and in the evening I'm going to be working on a new demo set.

What are some things you like to do for fun?

Sex, music, my boyfriend, dog and friends. Of course.

How did you first get involved with music, your first memory?

I first came into contact with electronic music when I was 12 years old and I used to spend a few weeks each year at dance school camps. It was completely different to the children's camps when knew from the communist era where we had to wake up at 6 in the morning and go on boring marches. All we had to do was dance. The instructors and organizers had great taste in music and we got to hear biggest house tunes of the time that I would never have had the chance to hear elsewhere. The likes of Cassius, Daft Punk, Prodigy and many more. These dance camps were an insight for me to dance music and play an important role in the fact that I'm now a DJ and in what I play.

What is the last record you listened to, and tell us what you thought of it:

I've just been digging through some old records and listening to them to see if I could find something worth playing out again. One that particularly sticks in mind is Layo and Bushwacka's “Let The Good Times Roll (Agoria Remix)”. I love this tune, even though I've only ever played it out twice since it has a very special atmosphere and is only suitable for creating a specific mood, ideally at the end of a set. It may sound a bit dated now but it's still guaranteed to make me all melancholic.

How did you decide to sign up for a course to be a DJ?

When I started playing 5 years ago, owning your own turntables was a luxury not everyone could afford. In fact of all my friends, I only knew one that had a Technics turntable (not two mind, just one) and he was always either lending it out to clubs are training on it himself so there was no chance of me getting a go. Not having access to the right equipment was the reason why I didn't start playing 7 years ago when it first occurred to me. 2 years later the DJ School opened in my home town so that was my opportunity.

What was that course like, and what did you learn (and not learn) that you use now?

The course was 40 hours long over the period of 3 months and it was more about having the chance to practice on quality equipment in a sound-proofed room than being guaranteed to play on a professional level at the end of the course. The first 4 hours were spent with an experienced DJ who would explain how to wire up a mixer, amplifier and monitors, how to set up a turntable and how a mixer works and then you were on your own to practice and practice. I'm glad I did the course as everything I learned I still use to this day.

How did you get to DJ at your first party?

My home town where I first started playing is fairly small and it soon got round that there was a new female DJ out there and an offer to open at a techno event soon followed. Even though it was a techno party it wasn't a problem for me as, at that time, I was playing techno as well as house.

What has been your favorite or most memorable DJ gig so far?

It's hard to pick the best one since there are so many, especially last year when I began playing more often abroad and was lucky enough to pay a great number of excellent parties in some fantastic clubs. In the Czech Republic I most enjoy playing at Prague's Roxy – a club which has been at the very forefront of the Czech dance scene since the beginning. I've had the chance to play a number of important mega-parties and festivals but I remember most fondly my gig with Tiesto 3 years ago. I was playing the first set and, even though I wasn't expecting there to be so many people at the beginning, I played for an almost full house and was very nervous. About half an hour into my set the arena starting filling up and at one point I looked up only to see 4000 people in front of me with their hands in the air. I've got goose-bumps just thinking about it. Other than that there's been loads of great parties such as at Cha Cha club in Colombia or on a beach in Cyprus with Gabriel and Dresden. Each one was unique so it's hard to choose the best.

Where do you find/buy the music that you play?,,

If someone produced a track or remix and wanted to get it to you, how would they do that?

They can contact me through MySpace (link below) or by mail at or .

What is the best part about being a DJ?

Traveling and getting paid for doing what I love.

If you hadn't become a DJ for your career, what do you think you would have done?

I probably would be working at a travel agent or studying the history of the Second World War (which is something I plan to do anyway).

Anything else you'd like to say to the and readers?

Not really. I rather let my music speak for me. So to hear what I've got to say they should come and see me play soon in a town near them.

Thanks Elite!! We hope you come near us soon!

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