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LULA is as engaging out of the speaker as she is inside of one! The underground club scene remembers when her mezmerizing vocals (and repeated plays by Dann Tenaglia at Twilo) propelled "Goosebumps" to the top of the charts. A decade later and she's still pumping out the attitude and hits. Her two latest singles are "There Is Only One " where she battles for her speaker territory with Alan T, and "Last Night A DJ Saved My Life" featuring Papa Joe. Both have stunning music videos to go along with them too! Look for the links at the end of this feature.

Not only were we on the set at the filming of Lula's "Last Night..." video, we got her to answer a slew of questions for this exclusive interview!

Do you have a favorite place in the world to perform and why?
Club wise.... well, if Twilo or Vinyl would still be our place to go, these would be the best places, oh my God.... or the Kremlin in Lisbon.... that would be a dream. So much club history in these places.... but City wise, I guess in any City where I have good friends is it much more fun to perform, of course. It’s great to go to the club with a bunch of friends, everybody having fun, everybody in a good mood and full of energy and do a show later on. Of course everywhere in NY, LA or Portugal would be the best. Or Toronto...that is one of my other hometowns, too. Not in the winter, though.... ahhhhhh... tooooo cold!!!! I had so many friends there. I love the people there.

Is there a track on your new album that is your favorite?
My nightmare question to answer.... I can't answer that, really.... no way.... its like I had to choose between my 14 children.... I love them all.... the biggest honor to have worked with is Rui Da Silva and the Kult of Krameria (Who Remixed “There Is Only One” for The Album to make it Portuguese!) I have to say.... such legends. I'm on my knees when I think of all the tracks these guys have made in the past.

Do any of the tracks have any crazy stories around them that you can share?
Hmmmm.... crazy stories?????? Not really. Since I live in Austria and all the producers in some other place in Europe nothing funny really happened. I recorded in the studio here in Austria and just sent the vocals to the guys.... with some I had more correspondence than with others, we never met during the process of making the tracks.... nothing crazy anywhere... we are all really normal, boring people! Nothing CRAZY ever happens to any of us.... hahahah. I m joking... we are all crazy and lost really... anyway... back to your question..... Actually, the craziest thing that happened was that my wonderful label Kult Rec., who I m exclusively signed with, didn’t want me to make this all Portuguese Album. (Maybe they don’t want me to tell you this we had a different Album planned before this one, with different producers, and they didnt want the sales to collide with my singles.... just business stuff... and I don’t really care much about business decisions. I just wanted my all Portuguese  album, and that was it! lol) But that really is the craziest looking back at how good the album is doing.... thank God I persuaded them and at the end my dear friend Lilla and the fabulous producer Eddie Cumana made it all happen. This album is my dream come true and it’s so beautiful and all I ever wanted really. (And now they are happy too for allowing me to make “The Underground Sounds of Portugal and Me”!)

What was your first reaction when you heard the vocals that Alan T had done?
Alan, Alan, Alan???? Alan who???? ... Is he still around???????? AAAHHHHHHHHHH.... I m joking. He is the sweetest, nicest guy ever. I love him. Even though I don’t understand half of what he is saying.... hahaha...yeah, but still, these vocals they let me hear.... no way.... he thinks he can take over? NEVAH! The speaker is mine. Still is. No matter what he thinks? Actually I was laughing when I heard his vocals. And it took me a minute to answer back to him. It all came out of my mouth in a second. IT´S MINE, GET OUT, I DONT THINK SO, and I WAS HERE FIRST.... he can’t talk to me like that. but Lilla and Eddie Cumana who produced it ( Both from Kult Records) .Their work was really the reason that this track became such a hit. Her idea and his engineering did it. I didn’t do much.... I know, I'm too humble... hahaha.... joking!

Tell us about the videos you've made for your new songs! (Where did you film them and what was it like?)
Yeah, we made 2 videos so far. One for "There Is Only One" with Alan (Alan who? hahaha) in NYC in the summer of 2007 and the video for my new track "Last night a DJ saved my life" (While a DJ Gave Me Trouble)” feat. Papa Joe in LA this summer, 2008. What an experience for me. The Video with Alan was shot in a Studio in Union Square and the bright lights in my eyes all day where really hard to deal with. (you know I love the dark...) In LA it was so great to work on locations with a real director and cameraman, in my friend’s house in Beverly Hills, and at this club at some Madonna release party. God... what a night. And the Perry twins were djing. It was good to meet them finally, since they did an interview with me a while ago. It was really cool, I felt great, everybody who was working on the video made me feel really good and comfortable. Well, except they sent me in the cold pool with my bikini on. That’s when I hated everybody.... but it was fun and I can’t wait to see it. Papa Joe who is rapping on the track was so nice, too. What a cool guy. He was my bodyguard in the video!
The shoot with Alan was great too, of course aside the restrictive  Studio location and the Lights. God, he and his megaphone.... he almost killed us with this big thing.... dancing around with it and turning and jumping... he had more clothes and accessories that I had with me... insane.... I really loved what the editor did with the footage we sent him. What a great idea he had to make the video look like it does. Since I cannot lip sync, ...( I know... everybody is laughing about me because of this)... well, I just cant... sorry, so the directors and editors had to find new ways to put the words and my mouth together somehow... sorry guys! Nobody is perfect!

Anything else you'd like to share with the world?
Let me think.... well, first of all I want to thank you so much for making this interview with me, and I want to thank all the people who love and support me and my releases. I m really grateful for everybody who writes to me, supports me, helps me, appreciates me. Everybody is so good and nice to me and I m so thankful to have found my label : Kult Records. They are really doing so much for me. Lilla and Eddie are always there to help me with everything and they treat me like a Star and that makes me feel like a Star. I owe them so much.

What else? Well, I love music, I love to make music, I love to write what I feel when I listen to the music, I love when people feel what I feel when they listen to my songs, and nobody can take that away from me. (Not even the ones who steal my vocals).... and even if there is not a lot of money in dance music, I will continue to produce new tracks, because its my love and my passion. It's my life, its my everything. No one can stop me.

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:: Twilo video on YouTube ::
:: Kult's YouTube Channel - new Lula video soon ::



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