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I love DJ Dan. I think I could start a trend actually if made one of those touristy t-shirts that had the letter "I" then a big read heart and then "DJ Dan".... Because generally everyone you ask loves DJ Dan too, and he's been around the scene, well, just about as long as there's been a scene to be around! So he's got some old skool fans, and with his latest release, Lift 2, he's gonna have some new ones too. If you've ever been lucky enough to meet him in person, or even just to experience him DJing live, you can feel how his positive upbeat energy shines through, right to you there on the dance floor.

So how does he do it? How does he keep doing it? Ah yes, its time for another of our infamous and exclusive interviews by email...

Name one thing that keeps you motivated to keep doing what you do.

New music is definitely the thing that has kept me motivated throughout the years. I'm like a kid in a candy store searching for new music. I think the music that came out within the last year has been the best I've heard in over 5 years. It gets me up early and keeps me up late every day of the week. I love it!

What's the most recent piece of DJ or production gear you bought, why'd you buy it and what are you using it for?

Pro-Tools M-Box 2. This allows me to edit tracks and work on music on the road. It's a really great product. Aside from that, the last piece of equipment that really blew me away was the new Pioneer DJM800 DJ Mixer. It has raised the bar for doing effects while in the mix and the sound quality is unparallel.

What kind of software/hardware setup did you use when mixing Lift 2?

DJM 800.

How did you find the tracks on Lift 2? If not, where did you find them - in regular record stores? Online? Were they promos send to you?

The great thing about the digital revolution is that you can call up a friend to ask about new tracks and instead of calling every record store to get a copy, you can just hop on any of the download sites and eventually find it. Most of what I used on Lift 2 was either promos that were sent to me or stuff I downloaded online. The only problem I ran into with trying to license download tracks is that the download sites offer no contact info for licensing. It was a lot of work tracking down labels this time. That's the only downside to digital download and trying to do a fully licensed mix cd.

Were they MP3s or vinyl or CDs?

20% Vinyl and 80% CD'S. That's mainly because most of the tracks I used were not really available on vinyl yet.

When you play out, what's your favorite format - and what do you bring with you on tour?

Honestly, itís getting harder and harder to track down vinyl. Many labels have stopped pressing vinyl and now call themselves "Digital Labels." I have also found that when you show up to a club, the turntables are often in second position from the CDJs. Things are definitely changing and if you don't play CDs, you are depriving the crowd of a lot of new music. I used to be very anti-CD until I realized how much new music I would not be able to play to my crowd. I have my record label InStereo and we still press limited numbers of vinyl but it's going more digital every day. It's just evolution baby!

Aside from touring, what else are you up to for the rest of the year?

I'm planning another big party here at my house. I usually only throw one a year but I have a weekend off coming up so I thought we'd have another bash! My house is perfect for entertaining so I really love having get togethers here. Aside from that, I will be finishing up my new singles to test them out on the road.

Where are you living now?

I live in Eagle Rock in an old 1920's English Tudor House. It's only 5 minutes from Pasadena and about 45 minutes from Hollywood. I've been here for 6 years now and I have been remodeling it the entire time! It's finally finished and I absolutely love it. It's my sanctuary.

What will you be doing to relax whenever (if ever?) you have a break from touring? Let's say your next week off... no tour dates... what would you do?

I love watching movies and cooking. I have a home theater in my house so I have lots of movie-theme nights here at the house. I am taking a cruise with six friends at the end of January right before my big Australian Tour next year, which I am really looking forward to as well.

Anything else you'd like your fans to know?

I'd just like to say I love you guys and I thank you so much for keeping open ears and minds and allowing me to progress musically and supporting what I've been doing over the years. You guys are my guides and I really appreciate your comments and feedback!

Thanks Dan!!

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DJ Dan is one of my all time favorite DJs and inspiration. I truly appreciated this interview. Check out or gig coming up with DJ Dan at the Legendary Ruby Skye on Saturday November 11th! or
Posted by: ATIMATIK

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