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written by Jennifer Warner

Sexy, raw and powerful. That's his music, and the feeling you get when experiencing him DJs live. Down-to-earth, humble, and appreciative - that's the feeling you get when you talk to Bad Boy Bill in person, or as we did, by email, for this exclusive interview! The opportunity arose with the release of his latest CD + DVD "Behind The Decks LIVE" (which pretty much blew our reviewer Claire's socks off, click here to read her full review) and you know we jumped on it!

Bad Boy Bill was actually the first DJ I ever saw scratching, and it was as electrifying then as his energetic mixing and music is now. Also how can you not love his super-smart use of his insane touring by videoing the fun and putting it out on DVD along with the mix CD? "Plain CDs are just played out." Now that's the way to make anyone want more than just a download!

What was different about doing this release, compared to all your past releases?

This release was unlike anything I have ever done. We filmed the entire mix, live with multiple cameras, a crew of 20+ people, in three different cities. It was a huge undertaking to actually record and then an even bigger undertaking once we got it into post production.

It seems like you’re doing less scratching, at least to what I remember from prior releases. Is that true? If yes why?

In the past I was doing a lot more raves, all ages, or 18+ events, and the younger crowd seems to really enjoy scratching and tricks. Recently, I have been doing a lot more 21+ events and clubs, and I think the amount of scratching I am doing is right for the current crowd I am playing for.

As executive producer, how involved were you in the making the DVD portion of the disk?

I was involved in every single aspect of the creation of this project.

Do you have any favorite moments in the video footage/interviews?

I think there are moments in LA and Denver where you can really FEEL the energy and excitement of the music and the crowd coming together. I felt that same energy watching the DVD as when I was dj'ing at those events. That's pretty powerful.

How did you decide on those 3 cities/venues for recording?

People have been asking me the last couple of years what my favorite city to play is and I have always said Denver. The audience there has been amazing and is really into the music. LA is like a second home to me because I have been coming and playing there for so many years now. Chicago is where I was born and raised, where I first built my following, and where the people have had my back since day one, so it was going to be a part of it no matter what.

Do you ever get nervous before a gig ­ or any of these 3 gigs in particular, knowing they’d be recorded live?

Not really. I get more nervous if there are technical difficulties. That is what I am most afraid of. As far as my performance, I perform better under pressure, and I love rising to the occasion.

Did anything crazy or unexpected happen while you were recording that got edited out?

A LOT! You can see some of it in the behind the scenes footage, other stuff either is better left on the cutting room floor (or in this case, the hard drive).

How did you set it up technically in the booth?

Red Bull let us use their custom DJ booth, and Pioneer gave us a complete setup (thanks Karl & Dave). We had the Pioneer CDJ 1000's, the Pioneer DVJ X1's, The Pioneer DJM 800 mixer, a Pioneer EFX 500, and a Technical 1200 turntable.

Did you have to do a lot of tweaking in protools afterwards?

Yes, there was a lot of editing and tweaking that needed to be done because the mix was close to two hours and we had to get it down to 72 minutes. Also there was a lot of audio, crowd, and eq adjustments as well as mixing down the entire surround version.

Why did you decide to do another CD/DVD package? Will you ever do just a CD again?

I think plain old mix cd's are played out. If you are going to do just a mixed cd, you should just do it as a download, there is no need to put it out on the cd format. I feel the mix cd has graduated and you have to include a dvd to give the consumer more than just a cd they can download from the internet. The visual aspect/DVD of the project to me is the main part of the release, the cd is just there as a supplement for the person who listens in the car or if they want to rip it and put it in their Ipod.

What are you working on now?

Touring and Promoting BTD Live and in the studio working on my artist album.

Where are you living now? Why there?

Chicago. I love Chicago. Even though I hate cold weather, I love the city. I will always call Chicago my home.

Why do you do what you do?

I really enjoy the art of mixing and I really love seeing people responding to the music and having a good time.

Please tell us one thing that you think probably know one or only one other person knows about you.

People close to me will probably say that I am a homebody and I love to eat celery and salad with no dressing.

Anything else you’d like to say?

Thanks to all the people out there that buy my cd/dvd's and come to my events. You are the reason I am blessed to be able to do what I love and I just want to say Thank you for all the love and the continued support!

Thank you!!

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