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DJ INANNA interview


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written by Jennifer Warner

Female DJs like Inanna are hot. I don't care if they're wearing a burlap bag and look like someone pushed them into the shower with their clothes and makeup on... oh wait a minute, that looks like what happened in Inanna's photo shoot, and that IS way hot! She's just so hot in so many ways, not even that can put a damper on it... she's burning up the DJ circuit on the "Tongue And Cheek" tour with another amazing DJ, Tatiana. She's hot when she steps behind the decks and her burning energy and enthusiasm come out through the speakers and energize the dance floor. And she's hot 'cause she's fun and a sweetheart, and that kind of warmth is hot no matter what you do.

So in light of all this hotness, we're happy to warm you up with an exclusive DJ Inanna interview! Also don't miss the links to the free downloads at the end!

Let's start at the beginning - where were you born?

I was born In Framingham, Massachusetts and grew up mostly living in Upton, Massachusetts through grade school and Milford, Massachusetts through High School.

What is your first musical memory?

I remember waiting for the bus, I think it had to be first grade, though this was a typical thing for me to do while waiting for the bus throughout childhood. I would pretend I was performing, singing songs to myself I made up on the fly and sometimes dancing to the more upbeat tunes I made up while waiting on the front yard walkway. I must have given the neighbors quite a show and quite a laugh.

How involved were you with music growing up?

Growing up I took a variety of lessons and classes that revolved around music. I took classical dance lessons, voice and chorus, instruments, and performed in school plays and musicals. I still have plans to continue my studies in music and have always wanted to learn to play the violin.

How did you start DJing?

When I was a teenager, my sister took me to my first Rave in Fitchburg, Massachusetts held at the Fitchburg Civic Center. Dee-light performed live, what an incredible memory and introduction to the world of electronic music and rave and club culture. From the start, from the first night I heard electronic music in that format I had the undeniable urge to be involved, to produce music and to perform.

I mainly learned the art of dj'ing by just watching other dj's and listening, I had very little help beyond a quick beat matching lesson from a dj friend of mine. I managed to buy myself technics, needles and a cheap mixer, my sister and friend bought me my slip mats and my x boyfriend loaned me records to practice with.

What about producing/remixing -- how did that start, how did you learn?

I started getting into producing back when I lived in Boston, but really focused on production when I moved to LA and took a break from dj'ing. It was a natural progression from dj'ing, and something I had always intended to do. I wanted to get a handle on performing as a DJ before really diving into producing and remixing. I read a lot of literature and online information and drilled other dj's and producers as to what they were using. Mostly I learned from trial and error, and reading, but I have also learned in studio with other people just watching. I'm also lucky that I've always had it easy with computers, I learn very quickly and I love working with them on a software and hardware basis.

What software and gear do you use?

For dj'ing it's still mostly vinyl, and I love Technics, nothing compares. These days though there is amazing music only available digitally, and if you want to play all those promos you need a digital system. Serado is my next adventure, which I'm really excited to start using for the sheer convenience of having all my music at my finger tips.

Back when I started producing I worked with various computer programs on the pc platform and bought a Yamaha CSX for a midi controller and keyboard. I tried out programs like Acid, Rebirth, Recycle, Fruity Loops and Reason. I then switched platforms and went back to MAC which Iv always been a geek for, especially for the design and quality of the products and the design programs. I now mainly use Cubase for sequencing, editing and recording, and Reason for some of the software synths, in addition to hardware. I have all the programs on my laptop as well for when I travel. I love Logic and want to upgrade, especially since there partnership with MAC, I'm drooling over that system.

Do you have your own studio? If yes where is it and what is it like?

I have a small studio set up in my house that's very intimate, just the essentials where I do most of my work.

How/why did you end up in Venice, California?

I've always traveled, throughout high school across the the US and Canada to parties, throughout college I was flying all over to DJ gigs. I knew that I would move and Los Angeles seemed the perfect place. I wanted a place that had a nice climate, was near the ocean, was a city but not a concrete jungle like NYC, had a healthy music scene and LA was a logical choice for my career in music and design. I moved not long after college with $800.00 in my pocket and drove cross country by myself with not much more then some clothes, my tables and my records.

What keeps you going from gig to gig, remix to remix?

Beyond very basic and instinctual desires, I think music is one of the highest art-forms. Music throughout history has had many purposes, it has been used as a tool, it has been used to heal, it has been used in prayer. It encompasses so much and can touch upon emotions on a very deep and personal level. Music can be just for fun, just to dance, just for the club, but it can also see deep into your soul and make you feel emotions you never knew you had. For me I can express things with music I could never adequately express with words.

What else do you like to do besides DJ?

I have enjoyed immersing myself in the arts since I was a kid and could hold a crayon. Fashion and costume in particular have always held a fascination for me. I have a BFA in fashion design, I have designed costumes for Film, TV and live events and I also style wardrobe for fashion and celebrities. I've traveled to different countries just to look at costumes and have a habit of renting videos just for the costumes. There is also a certain appeal to history as well, clothing has always had a direct reflection of social and economic circumstances, much like music, and it is interesting to study the underlying reasons for style as much as the aesthetics of it.

What's your favorite food? Color? Animal?

I love rich foods, sweets and pastas. I'm half sicilian and love to cook, creamy pasta dishes with seafood like vodka sauce with lobster are among my favorites. I love tiramisu and creme brulee, but I make a killer pumpkin pie as well and have been known on holidays to take down an entire pie.

My favorite color depends on the day and my mood. I like to wear shades of white and bone when I'm feeling ethereal, black when I'm going out and feeling mysterious. Turquoise is one of my favorites when I feel like standing out, it's the pisces in me I think.

Dolphins are my favorite, they are intelligent animals and seem to have a strong connection with people. I sometimes go to the beach early in the morning to watch them swim among the surfers.

How would you describe the music that you DJ and produce to someone who's not yet heard it?

Perception is personal, but, I have a very deep and crisp, bass heavy, but melodic sound that can often be emotionally raw and rough. Still I like to get a little cheeky every now and then, my music certainly reflects my mood. I combine various forms of house, techno and break-beat in my sets.

What is the thing you are most proud of that you've accomplished so far in your life?

Everyday that I wake up, happy, healthy, and with purpose is an accomplishment.

What have you been up to lately?

I've been in the UK for the past month, for gigs, studio time and vacation. Iv gotten to visit Glastonbury, Bath, Liverpool, London and I'm based in Bristol at the Multiverse/Vertical Sound Studio. I've been hard at work on dj'ing and music production in addition to putting together the Tongue and Cheek Tour with DJ Tatiana.

Do you know when & where the US dates will be?

Mostly west coast and south. Looking at San Fran, New Orleans, Chicago, Kansas City, Miami and other possibilities We did a Bebe and a mansion event last year together at WMC and I'm hoping we will do something there again but too soon to tell. Tatiana also did there fashion week fashion show at Smashbox this past fashion week. No dates are 100% confirmed yet in US but we are planning the dates to be spread out over february-may and hoping any promotion will help lock things down and get more US dates. We had to reschedule India from this Winter to the early Spring because of other gigs, and we haven't set exact dates yet for it, all the US Stuff is sort of revolving around Germany and India. We have agents for Germany, Netherlands, Europe and India but we a don't have an agent for US anymore which is making it a bit more challenging to handle!

How long is your tour?

The tour is going to be pretty spread out, over several months. Looking at 2-4 weeks in Germany alone, 2 weeks in India, and some dates in the US and Canada, all spread out. :-)

Tell me about any releases you have coming out!

We have the 2 track Tongue and Cheek EP coming out exclusively on Beatport (Jook Music) December 20th. On the EP is the track Beastweak, the original is a break-beat by Tatiana and my remix is a very moody techno vibe mix. We've already gotten great feedback from some worldwide dj's and producers and the overall concept seems to be a hit.

Thank you!!

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