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The Incredible Adventures of Angelique in Ibiza... Angelfreq's Ibiza Odessy... Angelique's Ibiza Diary... when we first blazed through what you're about to read below, all the possible names poured out like a soy latte at sunset on an island far far away... and we realized Angelique really needs no introduction if you've been on our site for very long. No doubt you've seen her top ten charts and over the years read our interviews with her. But now, dear readers, Angelique takes her turn behind the keyboard (and camera) to share with us in her own words, the experiences she is having on the magical isle of Ibiza!

Ibiza Diary #1 - written by Angelique

Most people think Ibiza is seasonal. And, really only begins in June, with the "openings". When you live here, you learn that the magical island tends to hold secrets. Depending on how the island is feeling about you, those secrets, are good, or bad! But according to those who have been here much, much longer then me, it's only since the past couple of winters and all the construction happening here, that the energy is being directed more and more into making Ibiza a year round destination.

Between traveling to India to DJ for a couple of months and France to start production on my album, Ibiza was a buzz. Andy from DUB Magazine had Wednesday's at Grial and will now be opening at the new club Heaven, which was Penelope's and use to be Angels. Fernando went strong at Pacha this winter with House World, and I hear it was also one of the best parties. Plus a lot of one off fantastic parties at Aura, Bambuddha Grove, El Ayoun and El Faroun. One of the biggest Ibiza winter success stories, Empire at Guarana, where I was also one of the resident DJ this winter. This summer Empire will be at Priviledge and we are all excited! Alistair, of Manumission fame, will of course be bringing a touch of the glamour he is famous for!

I thought I escaped Los Angeles, leaving behind freeways, traffic, malls, and pollution, to live in a forest by the sea. I was in love with the water, the sunsets, the almost electric green color of the trees, and the music!!! Just one year after I moved here, the construction (some would say destruction) began. I now live on this island that never had a freeway, and now it does. So things are changing. Good or bad.

Ibiza has a reputation for either keeping you or rejecting you. And I have literally seen this! But ever since I got here, even when it was only for my first 3 days, the island knocked my plans off the shelf and kept me that first time, for 4 extra days! I then went home, sold everything, packed my stuff and returned 4 weeks later!

How? Why??

Well, as I said, it's really a whole other story, but for now, sticking to the star of this Diary," Ibiza", she represents one of the most important summer musical destinations in the world! I am honored and thrilled to be a part of it.

This summer, I will interview some of my favorite DJ's and producer's, take you behind the scenes of some of the best parties, and talk about music music music!

When the idea to start to do interviews came up, Jennifer, the editor and chief of DJ FIX, suggested to turn it into something more. She said, do something like the adventures of Angelique. So, for those of you that know me personally, it's been a long and winding, sometimes very bumpy road! That's Ibiza!! She might want to keep you, but she will make sure you prove it over and over, that you are worthy.

This winter I almost contemplated moving. I was in France, March, and part of April, working on material to release this summer. It was raining everyday! My boyfriend had dumped me!! And the studio and housing situation were not what had been promised to me.

I was depressed. It was a dark period for me, and I started contemplating moving from Ibiza to France!! After all, there is a great music scene there!

But when I did return to Ibiza, it was like the "bad time" switch got shut off and a welcoming party of angels were everywhere I went. After 2 years of living on the island, and now, without a boyfriend, not only did I find out I have some really special, amazing, dear friends here, but, I was one of the lucky people that Ibiza clearly told, "Where the hell do you think you're going?"

And so as summer of 2007 approaches rapidly, I know I am quite fortunate to live on the magic island full of dreams. Welcome to my Ibiza Diary.

Summer begins.

One of my best friends on the island, not only has lived here for 30 years but also is the man, myth and legend behind one of the islands most coveted hot spots on the island, the world famous Funky Room in Pacha.

Vaughn calls to tell me there is a birthday party at the bar just down the hill from me and that the Funky Room is opening tonight for the first time since Christmas. It's not the summer opening just yet, but tonight will mark the Funky Rooms inception into summer 2007.

We meet at Zahara and run into a colorful cast of regular Ibiza inhabitants.

Because some of the people who I know from living here owns, and work in this new beach bar, there are many friends and familiar faces.

I have sometimes said, "you can take the girl out of LA but you can't take the LA out of the girl". And whilst many Europeans might find this very American of me, I can't help it if I think it makes sense.

Zahara is one of my locals. Because I often walk around the forest and mountains near my house, sometimes I end up on the beach in my little town. So, since I like to drink coffee and as I often tend to have a "local" most places I have lived in the world, I like to keep a container of soy milk on these premises. So, it kind of surprised everyone when the drinks being served were free, that I ordered a Soy milk Spanish coffee, Cafe Con Leche. Then funnily, my partner in crime for the evening, my cosmic soul sister Luna(And must be mentioned debuting Erotic Novelist!!), followed suit. She was the driver, but we both knew we were going to have to pace ourselves. It was only just midnight, and I hadn't had dinner.

IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE!! If you are coming to Ibiza, then be warned, they've hired a lot of new police and they pull a lot of people over!! They now take away your driver's license for 8 months or a year, for DUI,and regardless if it's only your first offense!! They have also hired a lot of new police. So, really I suggest you always go with a designated driver or take taxis!!

Luna and I were decked out in our disco dancing dresses, high heels, fully glossed, at a fabulous little birthday soiree, everyone drinking, dancing, chatting festively and us ladies drinking our coffees at 11pm at night? I wasn't sure who was more famous, us or the soy milk?

So why coffee? Because when we arrived at Zahara, and asked Vaughn, "What time are we going to the Funky Room?"

The whole room could hear Luna and I gulp when he said, "3am"

Who were we to act surprised? Where Ibiza might be an advanced civilization when it came to electronic music, It was probably stuck in the 50's for health consciousness.

We all laughed at our hopeful naivety, that we would be going there direct.

"First", Vaughn said, "we are going to The Rock bar, then a bite to eat at the best pizza in Ibiza at El Pirates." Late dinner, late parties, sunshine, beaches, dancing and of course, great music!!

When we did get to Pacha, it was packed. The music in the Funky Room was great, and we started to dance immediately! And though we had told Vaughn if we were getting there at 3am, then we would probably leave by four. We got there after 3 anyway, and the morning light was creeping in as I crawled into my bed even later.

Summer in Ibiza had started.

Peace, Love & Beats,

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